Evolve 20 Stereo


• Jabra  Evolve 20 Stereo USB  is a Binaural USB Wired Headset
 Evolve 20 Stereo USB  is Available in USB-A
 Evolve 20 Stereo  has Noise Cancelling Microphone
 Evolve 20 Stereo  has Foam Ear Cushion and Call Control
 Evolve 20SE Stereo  has Leatherette Foam Ear Cushion and Call Control

• Available in the following Configurations
   Evolve 20 Stereo UC  /  Evolve 20 Stereo MS  
   Evolve 20SE Stereo UC  /  Evolve 20SE Stereo MS  

Current Software Version : V.4.3.1
Jabra Direct Download Link

Evolve 20/20SE Series Product Datasheet

Evolve Series Introduction Video